THANK YOU for visiting my site.  I wanted to give you a BRIEF background on why I started this site. I love MEAT! The end.

Oh, and I've long been a fan of "teach a man to fish...feed him for a lifetime" I'd like to give you the tools (MEAT) to host a dinner party, impress your date (or friends)... and because...Sorry, smelling roasted cauliflower doesn't have the same smell as roasting a 20 pound prime rib, to me anyway, unless maybe the cauliflower is roasted in the beef drippings...

I've traveled all over the world and eaten lots of high quality meat from Spain, Italy, all over Asia.  What I have here is hand selected...and these are some of my favorites.  American Black Angus, Big Ribeyes, Whole New York Strips, I hope you enjoy it in the comforts of your home.

Now a little bit about the meat...It's usually from farms that I am personally affiliated with, grown and harvested at just the right time, then dry-aged to add flavor and tenderness.

The meat I procure is sold in larger format Primals so they're meant to be shared.  

Accepting pre-orders only right now because I will custom age the meat for you!  

(Estimated shipping early August).  Check back often as the selections will grow!  


Thank you,

Erik Sun