Pieces are sold by the primal (the big piece) so serve up a dinner party... find some beef lovers.  Cut it how you like.  Some people like thick steaks, some thin, a lot of it depends on an individual's heat source and cooking equipment.  So, we do not cut for you but are here to help if you have questions with cooking.  


HALF Wagyu Cow Share - ***Special Order Only*** - Approximately 500 pounds

Special Private Reserve Beef - Ribeye or Strip (approx 15 pounds. Serves 20) $2500. 

Handpicked Premium Pursuit - Ribeye $ 1400 (A5 or A4)



I prefer Wagyu Crosses for dry-aging and cheesy deliciousness.  You will have to trim the exterior crust that forms as we will send it to you straight from our dry age fridge!

Dry aged International Wagyu Cross Ribeye - (approx 10-12 pounds. Serves 15) $850